Latvijas fakti - Publiskie dati, statistika, informācija: demogrāfija, ekonomika, politika; plaša funkcionalitāte: datu ielāde, apstrāde, analīze, attēlošana un publicēšana; intuitīva saskarne: atskaites un pārskati, diagrammas, grafiki, tabulas, kartes un infografiki…

Publishing Systems

Publishing Systems

The specifications of the print industry are relatively straightforward. Understanding them will help you prep your material more efficiently and get published faster. The market is filled with some of the best publication and printing software. Despite their comprehensive offerings, no single solution offers enough to satisfy every publisher as each program, by design, addresses a specific need. Some work well with tabular content, others in prose-rich documents. Some have an emphasis on design and offer tools magazines, brochures, and other graphic-heavy publications need. Large publishers can use others like royalty portal software in managing their royalty programs. 

Choose a publishing system ideally based on your unique needs. Here are the characteristics to search for based on the publication type:

Desktop Publishing-Ability to change the design and layout of pages, add graphics, create master files for automation and run compliance tests before submitting to a bureau.

Tabular Content- Find the ability to assemble material from different sources, types, and layouts and create formulas as needed.

Electronic Distribution- Check the ability to export into different formats such as excel.

Special effects- Check for the presence of graphic tools to allow manipulation of images and texts.

Long Content- Look for the ability to make indexes, cross-references, footnotes, endnotes, and tables of content.  

Our publishing system aims to meet these needs in one comprehensive package. Therefore, if you want to buy software for book publishers, our platform offers an integrated solution that meets the average publishing needs.



We have built our system to be customizable. Based on your publishing requirements, you can tweak the software to expand its capacities. Your in-house IT team can leverage the functionalities of the software and build features that work with your end goals.

Integration: Our system marries well with back-office platforms and other custom-designed software. It integrates and communicates quickly with other publishing tools.

Ease of Use: Unlike other systems with a steep learning curve, our solution is simple enough for anyone to use. Though robust in its offerings, the platform is easy to adjust to, thanks to its simple interface. In addition, it permits the creation of workflows to automate most procedures. For example, instead of getting publisher accounting software as a product on its own, you can automate the accounting functions into the platform. Of course, large publishing houses might still need accounting software for authors to handle large accounting tasks. For the average publisher, however, our platform effortlessly manages calculations and payments.

Stability: Investments in the most advanced architecture, 24/7 monitoring, and geographically spaced redundancy prevent failures of any kind.

Support: We offer exemplary service to all our clients. Our technical team is always at hand to help you integrate our platform into your infrastructure. They address any challenges and problems promptly to keep you running without a hitch. In addition, we communicate updates and rollouts on new features swiftly and offer guidance on managing the changes stemming from the upgrades.

We value our partnerships and give each new customer the attention they deserve. This business approach makes our products and services feel personal, translating to better commerce and increased productivity.  

Please contact KNK Publishing at 1-908-206-4599 or +44 020 3985 0936 to explore the full potential of our software.

Publishing Systems
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