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HR software for nonprofits

HR software for nonprofits

Non-profit organizations have a couple of struggles they face while leveraging technology. While they may have the best human resource space, they often lack a robust technological resource to manage all aspects. How can you justify a business case to fund and implement human resource software?

Five nonprofit HR software solutions by Sparkrock


Many non-profit organizations embrace social networking and do an excellent job of keeping everyone in the loop of notifications. However, they will often fall behind the curve when they have more extensive work data. A simple spreadsheet is only good at organizing meticulous tasks, but they do not integrate instant notification emails for all relevant parties.  

The best HR software for nonprofits is an affordable and efficient way of offering interested candidates an easy way to submit job applications. The boarding system that matches their skills makes it easy for them to choose the right vacancies. The software saves you the hassle of collecting paper resumes by wadding through a multitude of candidates.

Organize applications

The process of allowing individuals to apply for positions in your non-profit organization is hectic and time-consuming. You have to sort through the applications for paid vacancies and volunteerism.

Our HR software for nonprofit organizations has a screening portal that is enough to include several different screening questions to identify which candidates want to proceed with the application. Sparkrock will take it a step further by helping with different versions for different job applications. Infusion of the software motivates staff to overcome the obstacles that hinder the development of the firm through the HR department.

Maximize funds

Non-profit organizations take the biggest hits due to economic downtimes. The possibility of spending diminished money is almost daunting when you are not expecting contributions soon.

The opportunity to implement efficient and time-saving human resources (HR) software is rewarding when aiming for higher productivity. This case is because manual operations are inevitably longer and will use up your team’s time and resources. The HR software for non-profits will reduce operational timeframes and ease the office’s workflow.

Environmental consciousness

Technology makes it easy to collect data without papers. It is a great green initiative because it reduces the number of physical resources you need to record all data or correct data entry errors. Employees that are conscious about the onboarding process will leverage the software’s opportunities to get the highest benefits of the HR software.


We service more than 30,000 clients with the HR software for nonprofits. We maintain many different branches of the arm to service various tasks for the client. You will empower your employees by finding software solutions that are specific to the IT department. You can rely on our system to onboard, implement, and offer customer success at every stage of the software.

Our active and previous clients prefer our HR software for not-for-profits because it is user-friendly, customizable, and easily accessible. We can help you evaluate various aspects that will help your HR department and make sure that you have a smooth transfer from manual operations to the digital platform. Contact us on +1 866.878.5552 for general inquiries and book a demo for highlights on how the software will serve your organization.

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HR software for nonprofits
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