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Custom Ezgo Golf Cart

Custom Ezgo Golf Cart

How to accessorize your custom Ezgo golf cart

Until recently, golf carts were reserved for use on golf courses. These days, however, they have become extremely versatile, finding a variety of applications in both professional and personal settings. They’re widely used at airports, college campuses, farmlands, zoos, hunting zones, industrial warehouses, gated communities, and just about anywhere there’s a need to transport people or goods over short distances.

If you’ve been thinking about owning a golf cart, a custom Ezgo golf cart may be the way to go. It’s one of the most popular and functional brands out there, and we bet you’ll be pleased to know you can build and accessorize your custom Ezgo golf cart with one finger!

How do you accessorize your custom Ezgo golf cart?

Before accessorizing your custom Ezgo golf cart, you should first decide what you want to use it for. Will it be a neighborhood golf cart or an off-road cart? Would the cart be moving on grass terrain or gravel roads or paved surfaces? The answers to this question would guide decisions such as the type of tire, appropriate battery pack, etc.

What are the available body options when accessorizing your golf cart? 

The body is always the right place to start when accessorizing your custom Ezgo golf cart. You may decide to mimic the body style of a new aftermarket golf cart or go for a new stock style body or settle with a painted body. Because the body is the most conspicuous part of your golf cart, it sets the tone for all the other accessories. Thus, everything else you would be adding to your gold cart would be in the body’s image.

What is the wheel and tire size?

Most Ezo golf carts would easily fit a low-profile tire and up to a 12-inch wheel. If you would prefer a larger wheel or tire, you should consider adding a lift kit. You would find larger wheels and tires useful if your golf cart is for off-road applications.

What other accessories would the golf cart need?

Asides wheels and tires, you should also think about the kind of lights you’ll be adding to your golf cart. Different regions have different rules regarding the light specifications for golf carts and similar vehicles. While some areas mandate that owners have turn signals and brake lights, some do not. If you would be restricting your cart to private property, you have the freedom to do as you please.

Once you’ve fully customized the look of your cart, the next line of action would be performance upgrades. A stronger controller, a more powerful motor, and a new battery pack would significantly boost the performance of your cart.

There are no limits to customization 

When it comes to building and accessorizing your custom Ezgo golf cart, the possibilities are limitless. You may even find it hard to make certain decisions because of the range of options available. To prevent problems like this, we recommend the Build Your Golf Cart Software. It brings everything you need to build your cart within reach and helps you envision your final product even before you start building. 

Custom Ezgo Golf Cart
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